Client Testimonials

Hi Rita, I did it! I’ve relaunched my website!!
It has been such a journey of learnings, and with your knowledge, patience and love I’ve been able to free myself of old limiting beliefs of “I don’t deserve this money” & “I should be pay that much when there’s other people in this world living on the streets”
I am most grateful for this journey to freedom of having all my needs and wants.
The multiple sources of income are truly manifesting itself. I have 3 active sources of income, soon to become 4.
I’ve enrolled myself into studying business & property investing.
I really sense my self growth on the boom!
I couldn’t have done it without your help. I am forever grateful. Thank you and much love!



I found Rita on a large list of recommended drug and alcohol counselors through my attorney.
I was prepared to experience a very garden variety group counseling session to satisfy my citation, not to identify why I was going down a very self-destructive path.
Rita takes an amazingly open minded, holistic approach to helping others, and that is just what she’s done for me.
Rita has broadened my horizons mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was in a less than desirable relationship with my spouse, my parents, and most of those closest to me.
I have since learned that everything in your life comes because of the vibration you are on. The truest work comes from raising your frequency which you cannot do surrounding yourself with those that do not.
Upon my completion, I understand the importance of feelings, of responding rather than reacting, letting go of negativity, and most of all how to be happy. She is a true blessing in disguise who wholeheartedly believed in me. I will continue to use her guidance for the rest of my life.


Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

It is an honor and privilege to engage and guide my clients through their journey of healing past traumas and issues toward leading free and impassioned lives. Here is the proof;

“The world that we live in is a clear reflection of our beliefs and perceptions. In order to change our perceptions you have to enter in your subconscious mind to clean up and re-align your beliefs so it fits with your new desired world.

It sounds simple but it is simple. So I discovered a method and a fantastic person to do so. Her name is Rita Soman and the method is PSYCH-K, that allowed me to look at my past as an opportunity for personal growth and empowerment. As a result I am freely and joyously moving in the direction of my goals. A process that simple and effective brought many wonderful shifts in my consciousness.

Being persistent and committed are two ingredients that I used with PSYCH-K in order to find my path. Once aligned then magic happened.

All the internal work is done by you but it is a wonderful feeling to have a nice soul like Rita accompanying you on your new path. I am enjoying my new path with my new beliefs and renewed perceptions.”

Thank you Rita!



Client Testimonials

Hi dear Folks,

I am Shreepramod from India.

After watching Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, I was looking for Psych-K Teacher.

And I found Rita Soman ji.

She is very knowledgeable.
She is compassionate.
She herself has been through lot of up and downs in her life, and conquered her challenges.

Not only she learned to stay afloat but developed skills to contribute to the wellness of fellow human beings.

In year 2016 I took PSYCH-K sessions over Skype from her place in US and my place of residence in India.

They were very useful indeed.

Then I had undergone 2 days of PSYCH-K workshop with her in 2017 at Bangalore, India.

She asked me to do a home work. To my surprise it was to relax. Have more fun. Do what I enjoy doing.

I definitely gained a lot from her teachings.

One special mention I would like to make is of the process of whole brain virtual experience.

I had used this process very successfully for the unwanted and fearful experiences to experience virtually.

After that those experiences are over for us. They do not come in our life in reality. They are kind of deleted from our future life reality.

She herself enjoys her life very much. She also keeps upgrading her knowledge.

She has great desire to assist people from Pain and Suffering to Peace and Joy.

This is my opinion, my experience with Rita ji.

My further suggestion is that learn from her, practice the teachings/process regularly. Give some time to yourself.

Be patient and gentle with yourself.

You will experience great /amazing results.

I wish her great wisdom, peace, joy, abundance, success and Satisfaction.

Shreepramod 🌹🎖️🌹
Law of Attraction Workshop Leader
Life Coach
PSYCH-K and EFT Facilitator🌹💚🌹



Esther Powers

Rita Soman is a great professional and a giver by definition. Her only purpose in life as a proffesional is to help others to reach higher levels of happiness and self-fulfillment.I found Rita in probably one of the most challenging moments in my life when I was switching careers. She used Psych-K to delete self-limiting beliefs and boost my levels of self-confidence; that helped me out to improve immediately and recenter all my focus towards my goals. Also she used Ho’oponopono teachings that I kind of knew them in advance but she helped me out to use them in a whole new level and now I find them just a super tool and I use them in my daily life.I highly recommend Rita Soman to those who wish to improve fast and want to go for the extra mile in life. Thanks a lot Rita for all your help, you are awesome!! — JN (Portland, OR)

Kimberly Parker

Two years back I had reached out to Rita with a right ‘Frozen Shoulder’. With my knowledge of alternate therapies I was averse to taking in chemicals like painkillers or subject my body to laser or microwave rays. I was trying healing modalities but I felt that there were some ‘blockages’ that prevented my quick healing. That’s when Rita introduced me to Psych-K and the important ingredient in ANY ‘wholesome’ healing for anyone – the Sub-Conscious Mind. Often ignored, under-estimated or unknown to most of us. For first few sessions I was a bit skeptical about it, wondering if it was another ‘new age’ healing fad. But I couldn’t deny the results that my physical body was showing. The psychosomatic connection of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and physical body and the life itself & circumstances thereof – it was a huge learning and pure evolutionary consciousness that came forth in our weekly sessions. Least did I know that it was just a beginning of my awakening.My relationships, my job, my financial state, my health… EVERYTHING was connected and linked to my Mind (& its belief systems) and truly transformed. I even had retreat symptoms when I “had enough” and wanted to quit but Rita’s unfailing patience & trust in her work made me come back again and again till I had quantifiable and qualitative difference in my life (- the reason I introduced my entire family and recommended it to every friend). Today I am among the top performers & earners in my job. I focus on doing what I love and loving what I do. I enjoy wonderful relationships with my family and most importantly I have learnt to TRULY love myself. The healing journey continues and I will always have a special place for Rita in my heart. Rita is such a compassionate soul dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and believes so strongly in her work that her sheer presence is of healing nature. Great thing about Rita’s whole-brain approach is that she intuitively uses combination of various modalities that help not only your Mind but sets your Soul on its healing journey of true Self-expression. She truly is an Elevator to your Success & Evolution. Thank you & God bless you, Rita, always & forever! — AS (Gurgaon, India)

Rita, thank you so much for the life changing work you are helping me using, PSYCH-K process. After only a few sessions my life has vastly improved. I have experienced many forms of therapy on my search for healing, PSYCH-K has released me from past issues so fast and brought me so much peace, relaxation, and joy. It has reduced my anxiety, got me over my self sabotage and brought me a better life. I would absolutely recommend anyone to try this process with Rita, it is worth the investment. Nothing will pay you back better. I have tried Reiki, Tapping EMDR, Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, NLP, Inner Child, Landmark forum, and many, many others…and nothing works as good as PSYCH-K with Rita Soman. Do yourself a favor and enter into a world you never dreamed of 🙂

Thank you Rita I love you and all the work you’ve done and helping me get over bad programing from a very traumatic childhood that as plagued me for years. It feels good to finally be free of all those issues!!! I never dreamed my life could be this good. — GT (Minnesota)

Great news and a big thanks to you! My CT scan last week showed no signs of cancer – after 2 years of my cancer journey, it is awesome news. My clear scan comes 8 months after my oncologist told me “you’re probably stage 4” and “morbidity is high in your situation”. I then chose to go against his treatment recommendation and have surgery. My wife and I then started a joyful trip overseas to focus on living, not on disease and doctors. And your words and wisdom were an important part of my process — I am forever grateful to you!

Relevant for everyone is knowing that people can win against advanced cancer, even without drugs. And that living with joy and letting go of emotional baggage has real healing power. My cancer journey has proven wonderful truths about our power over our health and terrible truths about the health industry – my oncologist is only one example in a system of fear that worsens the odds of patients’ success. I see a huge amount of unnecessary fear, suffering, and cancer deaths and I am now on a mission to change things. My view is very positive and I have a lot of good news and truths to share with everyone but these terrible realities need to be exposed!

I look forward to hearing from you and will keep you updated.

Peace and love, — BD (USA)

Psych-K is one of the quickest, easiest ways to change negative patterns and habits. I was stuck in my life in a really difficult painful relationship for 8 years. Even though my logical mind new that it was a bad thing for me I couldn’t make the change. Within three months of working with Psych-K I have divorced and am taking steps to creating a much better, more harmonious life. The divorce was swift and smooth and I know it is from the way I was able to change my vibration and subconscious programming to attract a better life for me and him too. Thank you Rita! — GA (Portland)

I have received PSYCH-K sessions with Rita for over a year, and have seen seen tremendous changes in my personal life and my career. Rita uses her lifelong experience as a psychotherapist, blended with PSYCH-K and her right-on intuition to get to the core of any issue quickly. I have experienced forgiveness in one session that allowed me to let go of decades of resentment. In another session, I let go of my back pain. What I value about Rita is how she stays focused on the positive, yet validates my process. She listens, but keeps you on track and can take you through many beliefs in one phone session. As a result of working with this process with Rita and taking the PSYCH-K workshop from her, I am now offering PSYCH-K to my clients and watching my clientele grow. People tell me, “This is the most helpful thing you have given me.” I am grateful to have learned from someone with the expertise, integrity, and compassion of Rita Soman.

I came to Rita’s program thru court system. I expected it to be like other Alcohol & Drug programs. This is what I got from here so far:

  • Got an opportunity to reprogram my mind with positive beliefs to support my recovery. As a result I have been easily staying clean and sober. I have also been making some healthy choices in my personal life as well. I love hearing from my old drug using friends that I inspire them. My family appreciates me more and often compliments me on my success.
  • I love my involvement in my new hobbies such as playing soft ball, going to Gym, attending church, and working part time.
  • I was able to let go of all negative emotions and belief patterns that were limiting my ability to create success in life and stay clean and sober.
  • On personal level I was able to let go of all negative friends and unhealthy relationships.
  • I am now fully ready to go to school and start a career that I love.

In summary I love being clean and sober and being in charge of my own life. My message to others who may be struggling in life is to check Rita’s program and at least give it a try! Thank you Rita for inspiring and supporting me at this significant time of my life. You can share my message with others! — JM (Gresham)

I discovered PSYCH-K a year ago at a time when my marriage and my physical body were falling apart. An entire lifetime of hiding my true self to keep the peace was finally catching up with me. I found my body rebelling with a crippling autoimmune disease, a perfect metaphor for the inability to distinguish self from non-self. PSYCH-K helped me by releasing the trauma and resentments from my childhood, and then giving me the courage to express my full self to my husband and others around me. I also began to erode the financial blocks and emotional mindset that kept me dependent on someone else to take care of me. Self-care has always been a huge challenge for me and for a long time I couldn’t even take my medications and nourish myself properly, much less balance myself with the skills I had learned in the beginning PSYCH-K workshop with Rita Soman. Rita was always available to me with loving support and encouragement, and I finally decided to allow myself some balancing sessions with her. Those sessions were the catalyst I needed to really take off and begin to work regularly on myself.

I can’t tell you the end of my story because I don’t know it myself. What I can say is that I am living my truth now, and I have compassion for others who are struggling to live theirs. That gives me a great sense of peace and pride in myself that I am finally on the road to reaching my highest potential. I see every day as a gift-a chance to grow and live and be joyful. For a woman who just three months ago was in the depths of depression and despair, and did not even care to live, that is everything I could ask for. — SK (UT)

PSYCH-K is a mega-tool for transformation. Since Rita brought this amazingly simple, yet profound tool into my life, I’ve experienced countless breakthroughs myself and as a practitioner seeing long-term, life-changing shifts happen within minutes. PSYCH-K is the most powerful tool I’ve found to clean up the past so that we can get on with living our lives in love and freedom.

And the biggest surprise bonus. I had done a lot of PSYCH-K balancing on relationship issues even though I wasn’t really looking for a partner, and within just a few weeks I met the love of my life. I hadn’t even dreamed that a relationship could be this amazing and the way it all happened was absolutely miraculous. I’m so grateful that I had cleaned up my limiting beliefs so I was able to recognize and receive the miracle. We are SO happy!

You are a blessing in my life. And I want to thank you for taking me on as a client. You have such a lovely energy and I feel at home when I talk with you. You have courage to stand at the fringe of society and speak your mind. For you to give up “talk therapy” and follow your gut, that means that you are a heretic. Like Bruce Lipton is a a heretic. But speaking truth is speaking truth. The majority will not come around for a long time. But you are following your own light. I was “told” by the divine to come to you I thank you for your help to me, Change is happening in my life and I thank you. — AS (Portland)

PSYCH-K is an incredible discovery. After working in various aspects of psychiatry and psychotherapy for 40 years — and having had a great deal of experience as a recipient of psychological services as well — I found that working with a trained PSYCH-K practitioner Rita to be THE most beneficial personal growth experience I have ever had. I truly feel uplifted in a positive and continuing way. I recommend it without reservation. — SM, PhD

I’ve attended many motivational and personal growth seminars over the past decade. I’ve found these programs to be uplifting and encouraging, however PSYCH-K is the only program that addressed my subconscious mind at its source quickly and effectively. Other programs have you memorize Intention statements and affirmations, and do exhaustive physical exercises with the intention of reprogramming the subconscious mind, which may take up to two years of application to work with limited results. this work is easy and fun and the results are immediate. I feel clarity without any negative emotional residue. In my business I travel frequently, and as my coach Rita Soman is able to help me long distance with great results. This work is a missing piece in the secret. I am now attracting my desired life style easily and effortlessly with velocity, that I’ve not felt before. Thank you Rita for sharing this great gift! — Derek Bentley, Entrepreneur, Singer & Actor

PSYCH-K has been a great asset to my practice. As a holistic physician the mind-body connection has always been clear to me. PSYCH-K is a very efficient and effective way for me to address deep mental/emotional/spiritual issues with my patients easily in the office setting. My patients are amazed at the results. I highly recommend it for anyone who is seeking a powerful therapy to support their patients healing on all levels. — Jennifer Tufenkian, ND

I had addiction problems, behavioral issues, self esteem issues, marriage problems, depression, and thoughts I didn’t want to have. In just a short time with Rita and PSYCH-K, I began to feel like a ‘new’ man. Life now is a beautiful experience, my marriage is the best it’s ever been in 27 years, and I don’t have to worry about going back to the person I was before. That ‘other’ miserable person is gone forever. — DS, Civil Engineer

A year ago yesterday, I met you and my whole life changed! I attract only healthy relationships now, I’ve been able to manage my money, I have a new job making more money, I’m off all medications I was on that I hated being on, I am going to college-I never thought I would, I am totally free. You are the only person I’ve worked with that always says it’s okay, or if things aren’t going perfect right away you say its okay and it will get better, and with PSYCH-K it always does. PSYCH-K has been totally life changing for me, I encourage anyone to try it. The best thing about doing it for a while now, is others around me are starting to change and heal, friends and family. It’s truly amazing, such a blessing! — KF (Seattle, WA)

I had addiction problems, behavioral issues, self esteem issues, marriage problems, depression, and thoughts I didn’t want to have. In just a short time with Rita, I began to fell like a “new” man. Life now is a beautiful experience, my marriage is the best it’s ever been in 27 years, and I don’t have to worry about going back to the person I was before. That “other” miserable person is gone forever.


This program has completely turned my life around, from being a suicidal, spineless mess to a more assertive person with a goal, both mental and physical. My outlook on life and my future have changed completely. I now love myself, so my life has a future and a purpose. I am thankful that I now have a life goal with direction to charge forward and feel comfortable with my decisions and dreams. I am no longer a spineless wishy, washy being; I can say “no!” and feel comfortable with myself. I feel that the “new” Bob is PSYCH-K® oriented and I am thankful for the change. Recovery from Alcoholism is easy and fun for me. — Bob (Portland)

Thank you for making contact. I am amazingly well. Of course my wish list keeps filling up with things I want to work on & improve. But the PSYCH-K techniques I’ve learned from you totally facilitate all those improvements. Also, I’m totally over all my old substance abuse issues. The big news is, I’ve decided I want to become a mental health professional so I can facilitate people helping themselves with PSYCH-K. This is a very recent intuitive hit. I realized it only two weeks ago, so I am meditating on my true objectives for this. I’d appreciate any ideas, advice, counsel you might have. I feel very strongly about this career choice and I am very grateful for your presence in my life. — SJ

I would like to thank you Rita for all of your help throughout my treatment process. You have created a very unique program which focuses on moving forward and making improvements instead of dwelling on the past. I have been through numerous drug and alcohol related rehabs and treatments and yours has been the only one that has helped me stay sober. The other programs spent very little time on progressing forward and finding alternatives to using drugs and drinking while yours has been based on changing my thinking patterns and changing my life for the better.

By focusing on the future and changing my subconscious I can see the errors of my thinking and actions in the past without dwelling in the past, so by appreciating how good life is without using drugs and alcohol it is hard to contemplate returning to my old self debilitating activities.

Thank you again and I would recommend you to anyone who is trying to stay sober. — KH (Gresham)

Rita can change your life! She has mine. She provides the guidance. Every person is responsible for their own transformation. Her methods (PSYCH-K) make sure that you will experience whatever it is you are seeking.

Her mission in Life is clear…she will let nothing get in the way. If you are lucky enough to work with Rita, you will feel the Divine connection that will give you a knowing beyond anything you can image that she is doing important work for the global consciousness and for each individual she comes in contact with. She does what is required and changes lives in the process. Highly spiritual, yet totally human and relatable. Simply…she is awesome! — PV

At first I was skeptical about this cutting edge program, I proceeded not really understanding the changes that you can make in your life. I now love the way it works and how much my life is better for it. Not only helping with alcohol, but also, removing a lot of past blocks so that I could be motivated to finish school and become a certified dog trainer. I still plan to use PSYCH-K in everyday life. After feeling completely stuck in life to having all the good things happen. I know this process works. — LD