Now that you have mastered the selfie; now you must master thyself!

Many centuries ago the wisest of the wise gave us the most important wisdom with which to guide our lives; know thyself. With modern life gone awry with it’s hectic pace it’s more important than ever today.

When we truly know ourselves, we tap into the greatest power we could ever imagine. In knowing ourselves I do not mean our preferences for a place to live, what we enjoy for entertainment or a meal, or even what makes us smile most often. These are most of the surface aspects of life and easy to know. The reality of knowing oneself is in knowing one’s inner motivations for why one does what one does in life and what initially formed those motivations.

To know ourselves we are best served to know our mind. The mind has two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind is what we continuously access for the purpose of reasoning and solving problems on a daily basis. It is the part of our mind that we’re aware of. We even engage the conscious mind as we read so many self-help books in an attempt to solve our problems and heal ourselves.

However, the single greatest factor in the formation of our consciousness is the subconscious mind. In fact, 95% of our lives are controlled and determined by the contents of our subconscious mind.

For those who believe that they’ll make permanent changes just by reading a book, our lives don’t operate on the truth that we learn from books because that truth only goes into our conscious mind, which only controls 5% of our lives.

An easy way to picture the conscious and the subconscious mind is with the image of an iceberg. The part of the iceberg that we see above the water represents the conscious mind, or the part of the mind we’re aware of. However the part of the iceberg that we can’t see below the water represents the subconscious mind. It’s the part that can do (and often unknowingly does) a lot of damage if it’s ignored or assumed that it’s easy to steer clear of.

More often than not, the fast pace of modern life does not allow us the time to process an emotional upset when it occurs. As a result, our solution in the moment is to “stuff our feelings,” or suppress them in the moment to take care of them when we have the time. In addition, we also handle negative emotions as we learned from our parents, many of whom would draw on unhealthy ways to deal with such emotional upsets, such as drinking or spending money to feel better.

However, we never get the opportunity to take care of the emotional upset because the negative emotions have been stuffed away in the subconscious mind where they are forgotten.

The subconscious mind is also the part of the mind that holds all of the unresolved emotions that have been encountered, starting in the womb and continuing through our first six or seven years. This happens without our consent because at this time in our lives we are like a sponge, taking everything in for future reference. When later in life we experience a similar scenario, we use the original program to respond to the particular current challenge that we face.

The majority of us have lives that don’t work to one degree or another. We rarely stop to ask why our lives don’t work, but instead tend to endlessly complain about the parts of our lives in which we come up short.

Asking the universe for what you want is not going to solve your problems because you’re asking for them from your old consciousness, which is based in either fear or lack. When you ask, you use your conscious mind, but what you receive will be a reflection of your subconscious mind.

Like many of you, I was one of those who found myself chasing after the trappings of life to fill the void inside me. I reached the point at which I had all of those things that were supposed to make me happy, but I was still miserable. My misery was the result of not having the proper consciousness to feel worthy of what I had received.

While I had all of the outer evidence of a lovely life surrounding me, I still had a consciousness of fear and lack inside of me, which blocked me from feeling worthy of the abundance that I had attracted into my life. This kept me from enjoying the success that I had achieved and the richness that had been added to my life.

At one point I was led to read a book by Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief, in which he mentioned several healing modalities, including [psych_k]. From what I read I had a strong sense that this would be what would work for me. You see, by this time I had tried nearly every modality that I heard about, but none of them seemed to address the root of the problem… the errant inner program… and replace it with a positive one.

Since experiencing [psych_k] and later many other various modalities of healing, the one thing that I can most assuredly tell you is that after doing the work myself, and facilitating the processes with several hundred clients as well, that blending psychotherapy with [psych_k], EFT[regtmark], The Emotion Code, The Healing Code, NLP, Access Consciousness[regtmark], Hypnosis, and Ho’oponopono has proven to be incredibly effective in connecting with one’s authentic self, with a very wide variety of clients and a very broad array of physical, emotional, and psychological problems as well as addictions.

Many people are searching for joy in their outer reality not realizing their inner self. They end up losing what they have worked very hard for and also realizing that they were not satisfied with their respective professions.

There is a way out of the madness, fear, and confusion that the majority of us face on a daily basis. It begins with knowing thyself and continues with letting go of the old and rewriting a new message over the old to create a self that you not only want to know, but one that you fall in love with as well.

Rita Soman is a psychotherapist who is highly dedicated to helping her clients in living a life of purpose and lasting joy. She offers sessions in person and via phone/Skype. She can be reached at She is also a published co-author of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever and Thank God I Am An Empowered Woman.

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