We are all One!

I believe what we are all going through right now is a well planned Divine Intervention to awaken us. If you look at your own life, your current lifestyles, you will realize how caught up you had been in the hustle and bustle of life, living in fear and survival mode, or spending too much time to earn a lot of money to secure our future, at the cost of sacrificing your important personal needs.

The majority of people are totally unaware of the fact that it is their subconscious programs that have been running the show of their lives. They are lost in the outer world, working hard, hoping to be happy after achieving their goals. As a result, they are forgetting their purpose. Going forward in life as a robot is robbing them of happiness, because they have no time to play. Many have been trying to mimic most influential people to impress others and to feel good and secure.

We are already affected by ‘MEME’ virus. Current virus is just a new reminder that we are totally out of alignment with our true nature. We have been incarnated to make a difference in the world by sharing our unique gifts and talents. But we are too afraid to mingle with others because we don’t believe that the world is a safe and friendly place. This isolates us from our fellow human beings and we end up being alone. We end up taking MEDs or seek alcohol or drugs to feel better.

We have lost faith in the Creator. We have been trying to sort out our lives by sorting out our finances, instead of sorting out what our consciousness holds. We need to focus on correcting our unruly mind, that tells us that the source of happiness lies in the outer world.

We are ignoring our basic needs, living on fast foods, because we don’t have time to cook healthy food for ourselves. Our body stays glued to our chairs. We don’t exercise. We are focused either in our past or in the future planning. Insecurity has dominated our innate nature and outstripped our spiritual advancements. We are forgetting that we are creative beings. We have a purpose, and we have everything within us to live in abundance while fulfilling our unique purpose.

Our fears have kept us quarantined in our own minds for a very long time. We have become slaves to own irrational thinking and bad habits. We think too much and avoid feeling our emotions. We have lost total faith in the Creator. We are ruining the planet, hurting other living beings. We are failing the Divine plan. The universe gave us many chances to shape up our consciousness and live with authenticity, but we have failed to avail and comply with them.

What we are currently facing is already doing its work. We are now coming close as a human race. We are forced to look within and find the answers we are looking for. Nature knows its cure. We don’t have to go through this hard punishment. It can rob us of what we have worked hard for. We can even lose our lives, if we don’t change.

Here is what we need to do

Follow the safely measures. Take this crisis as a gift-a great opportunity to make our lives better. It is time to free our consciousness of negative self sabotaging thoughts, and emotions. Show up in our own lives and live authentically. Help our soul fulfill its purpose Stop hurting oneself and others. Love, and support one another. We are not separate. We are a very important part of the Divine plan. The only way to overcome this crisis is by overcoming our minds of false notions that we have been holding about ourselves and others. We need to trust the process of our life. Everything is happening for the highest good of all and to save the planet from falling apart. So be good, do good, and take time to connect with those who love you, and have fun in life!!

The BIG shift is happening, embrace it. Take a pledge to fully participate in the Global Evolution via your own healing, and living consciously. I can help you change beliefs that limit your expression as a Divine being having a human experience, and in living your life freely and fully. your life purposefully and abundantly.


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