Codependency – Are You Stuck in Your Relationship?

When we are unable to get out of a relationship that is painful and dysfunctional, this condition is called, Co-dependency. Many people suffer at physical, emotional and spiritual level due to this condition.

Co-dependency goes back to early role modeling. Our parents are caregivers. If they were co-dependent and they are role models, that kind of gets locked in our subconscious mind. Co-dependence also ties into huge abandonment fear, huge low self-esteem. If we’re in a codependent relationship we accept the abuse because on some level we don’t believe we’re worthy, we’re good enough to have a relationship where we’re treated well and we have these abandonment issues. If this loser who abuses me goes away, I will be abandoned. I will be scared. I will be terrified. I won’t know how to take care of myself. I won’t be able to live a good life. And I’ll never find somebody better.

Co-dependency really comes down to all these incredible fear messages and fear labels and self-labels. Most people pick ‘look alike’ partner like their parents. When you use PSYCH-K, go back to the core level and build their self-esteem, build their self confidence, eliminate the abandonment issues that go back to childhood when they were shamed and Mommy or Daddy said “Go to your room. You keep doing that I’m not going to like you’. Our child mind, our infant mind distorts early messages, early punitive messages from our parents and turns it into “uh-o, if I’m not a good girl or a good boy they’re going to go away and I’ll be all alone and that’s terrible.” And that sticks with people for the rest of their lives. And then when they’re in relationships that they call loving relationships, they’ve got all these embedded twisted perceptions of how relationships are supposed to work, keep us stuck in dysfunctional relationships.

PSYCH-K goes to those root distorted definitions of self and definitions of relationships, eliminate the issues of abandonment and fear and people will then be able to select partners that are healthy and avoid partners who are toxic and abusive then be able to sustain relationships.

Are you ready to free yourself from codependent behaviors and be in a loving and respectful relationship? I can help you! I work with people in person, by phone and via Skype. Reach me at

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