About Rita

rita.1I am originally from New Delhi, India, based in Portland, Oregon since 1987. I am the founder and director of [afc] and [belief].

The heart of my private practice is to assist people in healing the causes of their issues stemming from physical, emotional or addictive struggles, to live a happy, healthy and vibrant life doing what they love. While [psych_k] is a core methodology in my practice, I also use [eft], The Emotion Code, The Healing Codes, Ho’oponopono, and Access Consciousness, to help my clients with lasting results. I have personally tried all these methods before using them with others to ensure their effectiveness.

Scores of my clients say they no longer feel controlled by self-limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. Indeed, freed from the chains of old thinking and behaviors, my clients report a renewed sense of freedom and self-confidence.

I walk my talk. My breakthroughs give people hope about the new possibilities that are available to them. The story of my triumphs is available in two books, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, and, Thank God I Am An Empowered Woman.

I am also a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness Bars and teach one day workshop to the general population and professionals of various modalities. Follow me on DaoCloud. 

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